MEET OUR 2019-2020

Board Members

Dez Ohlstrom

Ellen Keegan

Stephanie German
Special Events

Gabby Jeffcoat
Walk-a-thon – Silent Auction

Katie Florian

Carin Guensch
Fall Book Fair

Sarah Faustine

Bree Cassells
Marquee – Strawberry

Maya Hopper & Shannon Holbrook
Yearbook – Yulupa

Carli Ortiz
Volunteer Coordinator

Lisa Bellone
Teacher Representative – Yulupa

Hana Kuykendall
Vice President

Amy Wolfbeck

Ellen Keegan/Cassie Voit
Walk-a-thon Chair

Regina Williams

Gift Wrap and School Supplies

Stephanie Taylor

Erin Whitaker
Spring Book Fair

Abel Jeffcoat
Website / Social Media

Nathan Murray
Mini Grants

Ryan Ono
Yearbook – Strawberry

Rebecca Lane
APT Outreach

Melissa Hodson
Teacher Representative- Strawberry

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Become a volunteer today!

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