2022-2023 Mini Grant Process and Application

B.V.A.P.T Mission Statement:

The mission of the BVAPT is to provide community-building events, enhance educational, classroom and extracurricular programs for the benefit of students, teachers and school staff, and raise funds to make this possible.

PURPOSE: The purposes of these grants are to supply funds to encourage imaginative and creative teaching in accordance to the BVAPT mission.

WHO SHOULD APPLY: Any teacher, BVAPT Board Member, Specialist or Classified Staff of the BVUSD School District.

SIZE OF GRANTS: Max benefit is capped at $600.

• No portion of grant monies can be used to supplement salaries for currently contractually employed Teachers/Aides/Classified/Specialists.
• The end of the fiscal school year of the year awarded, the projects must be completed.
• Proposals should be creative, experiential,  innovative and directly benefit students in support of the BVAPT mission.

1. Please submit proposal on BVAPT website.

  • Hard (paper) copies upon request.

2. Strawberry, Yulupa & District Administration will review the proposals first. After administration review, the BVAPT Board will select grant awardees in accordance with the specified funding criteria, available funds and alignment with our mission statement.
3. If approved, submit invoice, bid, website or other details of business/individual of vendor to Sonali at the BVUSD District Office for payment. sonali.buhary@bvusd.org.
4. BVAPT will reimburse the BVUSD.

Note: Teachers are allowed to combo/lump multiple grant proposals together (for example, the 2nd grade team of teachers can combo multiple mini-grant proposal amounts into one)


  • October 12th 2022: Mini-Grant applications sent to teachers via BVAPT Teacher Reps
  • October 24th Mini-Grant reminder sent to teachers
  • November 4th 2022: Mini-Grant applications due to BVAPT
  • November 8th 2022: Proposals reviewed at BVAPT Board meeting
  • November 22nd 2022: Notification of awards to teachers

After completion of mini-grant project, please email grants@bvapt.org and let us know how it went with photos!

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